Shipping With Dry Ice

Dry Ice is a great way to ship and preserve perishables!

Dry Ice is ideal for shipping and preserving perishables because of its cold temperature and the way that it sublimates, eliminating the messy, wet leftovers of frozen gel packs or regular ice.

To ship frozen or fresh perishables with Dry Ice, you'll need an insulated shipping container and 5-10 pounds of Dry Ice for every 24 hours of shipping time. If you have a larger container or longer shipping time, be sure to adjust the amount of Dry Ice accordingly. To keep items frozen, put a layer of Dry Ice at the bottom of your container and another layer of Dry Ice on the top of your frozen items.

To keep fresh items cold, just put a layer of Dry Ice on the bottom of the container. It's also helpful to insulate the fresh items with a layer of newspaper or paper towel, to prevent the items from being frozen by coming into contact with the Dry Ice.

See this page for specific FAA regulations for Dry Ice use on flights.

Dry Ice is great for shipping any perishables, including:

  • Frozen Fish
  • Breast Milk
  • Ice Cream