For Businesses

Ben’s Dry Ice is the go-to dry ice supplier in the Bay Area, serving companies and organizations of all sizes with great service, on-time deliveries and top quality products.

Commercial Uses for Dry Ice

Ben’s Dry Ice provides dry ice to customers across many industries, for use in a multiple commercial applications:

  • Food distribution (frozen or refrigerated)
  • Shipping of perishable items direct to customers
  • Research & laboratory uses
  • Biomedical products shipping
  • Manufacturers
  • Dry ice blasting
  • Restaurants
  • Event Planners


Ben’s Dry Ice offers a wide variety of products to its commercial customers.

The most popular dry ice types are blocks and pellets.

  • Dry Ice Blocks
    • Each dry ice block is 10 pounds and is roughly 10" x 10" x 2".
    • Each Dry Ice block is delivered pre-wrapped in a plastic bag, with safety information printed on the bag.
    • Blocks are delivered in groups of five blocks, packaged together with easily removed plastic bands.
  • Dry Ice Pellets
    • Dry ice pellets are 5/8" thick and about the length of an adult's pinkie finger.
    • Dry ice pellets are sold in bags of 50 pounds each and cannot be ordered in quantities smaller than 50 pounds. Each bag of dry ice pellets is sturdy craft paper and each bag is double bagged for extra durability.
    • For large commercial deliveries, the dry ice pellets are delivered un-bagged in large commercial coolers

Ben’s Dry Ice is able to offer additional dry ice sizes and types upon request. Contact us if you have a unique need or request.

Ben’s Dry Ice also offers insulated shipping containers, with the ability to provide customized sizes, based on our customers’ business needs.

Pricing & Supply Agreements

Ben’s Dry Ice designs pricing and service to fit any business or budget.

Our dry ice agreements offer an opportunity for customers to retain operational flexibility, while locking-in competitive, stable pricing on an annual basis. Our standard agreement provides that in return for Ben’s Dry Ice agreeing to hold its pricing firm for at least one year, the customer agrees to buy 100% of its dry ice from us.

Our dry ice agreements can also offer pre-built pricing tiers, based on quantity. This structure allows Ben’s Dry Ice to grow along with our customers, all while making sure that a customer is realizing a pricing advantage as their orders grow.  

Other features of Ben’s Dry Ice’s dry ice product agreement:

  • One free delivery within San Francisco per week
  • For all other locations, a flat delivery fee based on distance traveled
  • Free cooler rental
  • No additional fees (HazMat, handling, etc)
  • No delivery minimums

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Reach out to the Ben’s Dry Ice team to learn more about our services and pricing.

Fill out our form to tell us more about your business or organization and how you’re planning to use dry ice, or contact the Ben’s Dry Ice team by phone or email:

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