About Us

Ben's Dry Ice is a full-service dry ice delivery company based in San Francisco fulfilling orders for corporate and individual customers.  We pride ourselves on putting our customers, our partners, and our community first.  Ben's Dry Ice was founded in 2012 and has since grown to be one of the largest dry ice sellers in the Bay Area, consistently exceeding customer's expectations on both service and price.

We at Ben's Dry Ice are committed to improving the daily lives of those in our community.  By partnering with food providers we are able to bring ice cream, cakes, pies, and other culinary delights to those in the Bay Area.  Restaurant clients use Ben's Dry Ice to safely chill food items that create delicious food experiences for customers.  Our transit packs allow you to bring your home cooked food with you when you travel near and far, and can easily join you on your fishing and hunting expeditions.  

When Ben's Dry Ice partners with a pharmacy or a medical lab, we know that we are contributing to the health of our community.  By delivering dry ice to research labs, we contribute in our small way to the knowledge bank that enhances our world.  Ben's Dry Ice strives to help local families, and our dry ice preserves valuable perishables such as breast milk.  In partnership with the cold cap industry, Ben's Dry Ice supplies the cooling power to chemo patience in their effort to retain their hair while they fight for their health.

The Ben's Dry Ice team is a small, dedicated group of Bay Area locals.  We're here to serve you, so please reach out if you're interested in dry ice delivery, have any dry ice questions, or would like to share with us your uses for dry ice!