Dry Ice For HALLOWEEN (*PICK-UP AT 1415B Donner Avenue San Francisco CA 94124

*Please note that this product is available for pick-up. 

We will not be able to deliver less than 200 lbs for Halloween in 2022.   These pick-ups are the only options.

We have special Halloween pick-up options for our HALLOWEEN customers:

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 28nd   8-10am & 3-6pm

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 29th   10 am to 2 pm  

MONDAY, OCTOBER 31st  8-10am & 3-6pm

Pick-up will take place at 1415B Donner Ave, San Francisco CA 94124  

Each dry ice block is 10 pounds and is roughly 10" x 10" x 2" in size. We say that each block is "about the size of a square textbook."

Each dry ice block is delivered pre-wrapped in a plastic bag.  We suggest you bring a hard plastic cooler with you to store your dry ice.

For more information on how to break a dry ice block, create dry ice fog or use it to build a fridge out of a cooler, see our How-To Guides

Order Amount Discounted Price Per Pound
20-30 lbs $3.50
50 lbs & 60 lbs $2.25
100-140 lbs $1.75
150 lbs or more  $1.50

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